NewsGator TopStyle Pro v3.5

Você pode trabalhar com edição de HTML, XHTML e Css
em um único programa e ver o resultadode seu trabalho em tempo real.
You can edit your HTML, XHTML and CSS in a single program. * Preview CSS while you write it. * Style Checker to validate style sheets against multiple browsers. * Style Upgrade tool to quickly replace all outdated HTML code. * Site Reports to see at-a-glance where styles are used in your site. The program offers many unique features, including the option to upgrade your HTML documents by replacing outdated markup with equivalent styling. You can also convert HTML to XHTML and check your CSS syntax against multiple browsers, using a side-by-side preview. A harmonious colors feature allows you to easily create pleasant color schemes for your site and more. TopStyle Pro offers complete site management with the built-in File Explorer, clip libraries and resource manager and integrates with existing web authoring tools.

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