Spooty Attachment Extractor par OE

Este programa extrai todos os anexos de
uma só vez do Outlook sem complicações.

Extrai todos os papeis de carta que foram utilizados
nos e-mails, as mids, waves,
imagens inseridas no corpo do e-mail, anexos
em qualquer formato,
jpg, gif, txt, exe, psp, tub, tudo.


Spooty Attachment Extractor is a program
which bulk extracts attachments
from e-mails stored in Outlook Express mailboxes.
It saves you the hassle of having to open
every e-mail and save the attachments manually.
It is ideal for people who are e-mailed attachments
from friends or a mailing list and want easy and fast
access to those attachments.Spooty Attachment Extractor
has the additional feature of cutting the attachments
from the e-mails, so that once you have finished extracting
the attachments, you can "Compact" your mailbox using Outlook
Express and free up the disk space that was used by the attachments
still left in your mailbox. Why have two copies of the attachment
when you can eliminate the old and bigger copy?
(Attachments are stored encoded and are 33% bigger inside
Outlook Express mailboxes) The text in the e-mails that
stored the attachments is left untouched by an intelligent
e-mail parser that clips only the attachment from the e-mail.

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