Window Washer Retail

O Window Washer é um programa para limpar o seu sistema.
O aplicativo apaga arquivos temporários
(inclusive do Scandisk e da Internet), histórico dos documentos e
das janelas Localizar e Executar (no menu Iniciar),
cache e cookies do seu navegador e muito mais.
Limpa também traços do Firefox, PSP e Photoshop.

Com toda essa eficiência, é bom dar uma boa
configurada no programa para que você
não perca algo importante.


Window Washer will protect your privacy and free
up hard disk space by cleaning
out traces of Internet use and washing away basic information
about your computer use.
It does a thorough job of cleaning, and lets you do it by merely
clicking a few buttons. Before you do a "wash," you tell the
program which items to clean.
It will clean the cache, cookies, history, and drop-down
lists of multiple browsers,
including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and America Online, and
will also clean up after your instant messaging program as well.
It cleans much more than just Internet activity, though.
You can also have it delete your document history,
the history of programs you've run from the Run box, your find
and search history, and plenty more. And it cleans traces left behind
from programs such as Photoshop and Wordpad.
One of the program's nicer features is its automatic washing capabilities.
Tell it how often you want it to clean your system, and it goes
about its job on the schedule that you set.

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